The Candida and Gluten Free Solution ~ Naturally!


Nutrition, Recipes, Protocols & Supplementation

By Cheryl A. Matschek, PhD, MS, MH, CCII

This is a timely book that will help you understand Candida and learn what to do to eliminate a Candida overgrowth in your body.

  • Part One includes what Candida is, symptoms, causes, and the effects of gluten on it.
  • Part Two includes nutrition, foods to avoid and those to consume during the protocol, supplementation, Herxheimer's Reaction, lifestyle factors affecting Candida, the protocol and more.
  • Part Three includes over 200 recipes that are allowed on the Candida protocol, but are so delicious you will, most likely, want to use them even after the protocol. It provides enough recipes that you won't have to eat the same thing over and over while on the protocol.
  • The appendices provide you with a Candida questionnaire and a Candida home test, as well as simple "quick to reference" foods lists to avoid and to consume.

This is a valuable, educational, practical and very easy to use book that will help you on your journey to renewed health.

ISBN: 978-0-943367-11-8
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Wire coil bound
186 pages
Includes Recipe Index

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