For the Love of Princess


This may not seem like a book related to health or well-being for those who have never had the opportunity to love a pet, and then experience the incredible pain of losing their beloved pet to death. But for those who have, you understand how important the healing is to your overall health and well-being.

Cheryl beautifully portrays the loving bond and companionship that goes beyond the boundaries of humanity with her canine companion of nine years in this beautifully written book, For the Love of Princess. Torn by the news of impending death and the realization of the limited time they have left together, Cheryl reveals the pain of early grieving, the agony of making the decision for euthanasia and the universal language of communication as they face the end together. The many emotions involved in losing a pet can be many, including detachment, denial, anger, depression, guilt and letting go when the time has come. These are addressed and practical suggestions are offered for coping with each. A most beautiful love story!

ISBN: 0-943367-07-7
© 1987 Princess Publishing
Soft cover
116 pages

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